1. mistresslittleblog:


    everyday living!

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  2. femdomsrule:

    Quit screaming! You said you wanted a handjob and this is what it takes to get one.

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  4. mistress-anli:

    Human Ashtray for Two

    Sharing is caring, particularly when it’s the filthy mouth of a human ashtray. An Li and Cybill Troy take a break from their usual ass-kicking to enjoy a couple of cigarettes while lounging over the body of their restrained and hooded slave, occasionally spitting in between deep inhales of cigarette smoke. They blow the smoke into their slave’s face and share a laugh while he chokes and struggles. When finished, their cigarettes sizzle in the throat of the human ashtray and he is forced to swallow the butts whole.


    Living ashtray? I think so. Would be very fun to serve these two.

  7. footcucksinchastity:

    I love working from home on Fridays.

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  8. femdomsrule:

    You won’t be getting that chastity key any time soon.

    The perfect key to that small cock.

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